This is for you, if you're ready to up-level your space (color and design) to up-level your life, relationships and health, but are in need of a fresh set of eyes to see what is not working in your space anymore and what can be tweaked to make the space more user friendly,  better functioning and supportive.


  • An understanding of ways to improve the psychology of your space, so you can enhance your mental/emotional wellbeing, health and happiness

  • What is it not working in your space, whether it is color, design elements or the layout. I will point out the things that can be the possible reasons that are impacting your productivity, quality family time and causing anxiety.

  • Knowledge of actions that need immediate attention and others that you can work on slowly



  • We hop on a 60 min Zoom video call

  • You tell me what you want to change in your life by changing your space? Your biggest boldest dream for your space and wellbeing? The purpose of the space? If the space is functioning as expected for the people using it? And if it's supporting the emotions and behaviors you would like to exhibit in that space?

  • Next you show me around your space and I let you know what is not working and hindering your wellbeing and why the space is not supporting you. All recommendations will be based on the principals of color psychology and Feng shui.

  • After the call you will get a recording of the call for future reference. Hence no need to take notes. 

The Color Audit is Perfect For You If ……………

You’d Like Some Direction

You are not ready for full transformation of color and design and only want to work with what you have or make only small addition to your current space, then this service is best for you.

You Need Some Advice

Your decorated room is in need of a rejuvenation and you are not sure how to move forward and you need some help gaining clarity based on the principals of color psychology.

You’d Like A Professional Opinion

You think your room would benefit getting a qualified opinion to understand the affects of your color choices. Or you'd like a hard critique on your current space to understand how it is affecting the emotions and behaviors.

NOTE: This consultation is only for one room (that already has an existing color palette or furnishings) to identify what's not working and what can be changed to enhance the psychology of your space. Please be mindful of the time & ask specific questions. All recommendations will be made during the call only. If you are starting from scratch or looking for specific color recommendations, please look at The Color Transformation consultation.




You have paid for my time so I can’t provide a refund if for some reason you move or something changes before you can implement my recommendations. 


But, I want you to be happy, so if you have any concerns about the recommendations, I ask that you share them with me along with photos of the implemented work, within the first 14 days and give me the opportunity to tweak the advice before you reject them outright.


IMORTANT: To be eligible for a refund, you must submit your request with photographs of your implemented work by 11:59 pm EST on the 14th day from the day you recieved the recommendations video and you allow up to 3 adjustments to the initial recommendation.


To be clear, if you do not include proof of your implemented work within the 14 day period, no refund will be issued.



One final note:

When you get interior color consultation advice from me, I AM NOT GUESSING. Therefore I will not be asking you questions like “What do you think?” What I do is use the principals of color and design psychology and the information provided by you, to find the perfect color solution to support your emotions, behaviors and purpose.